Abandoned places (view all)

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Dzerzhinsk, situated in Russia, is one of the world’s most polluted towns.

Chemical dumps: the toxic wastes of Dzerzhinsk

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During the Soviet era, prisoners literally built the city in the middle of nowhere.

Exploring Gulag Remains: Vorkuta

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The event occurred at an interesting time: on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, during the cold war.

Inside Pripyat: Chernobyl’s ghost town

Holidays abroad (view all)

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Every year during the full moon, a number of Hindus on their pilgrimage perform holy rituals and seek mercy from Banbibi, the spiritual “lady of the forest”.

The traditional Rash Mela full moon festival

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Multiple groups of performers (mostly children) sang and danced to beautiful Georgian songs.

Traditional cultural festival in Svaneti’s mountains

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New Year is for Russia what Christmas is for Europe; probably even bigger.

Celebrating New Year in Russia

Weddings (view all)

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After a couple of days of hitchhiking through beautiful sceneries and fields full of hashish, I arrived in Targuist.

Attending a traditional wedding in Morocco

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Although Turkistan (a city in Southern Kazakhstan) is known as a city with mostly Uzbek culture, I was invited to a typical Kazakh wedding while I was there.

Invited to a Muslim Kazakh wedding

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I was on a short hitchhiking trip through Turkey when I got invited for a wedding in Antalya.

Meeting Turkish culture: attending a wedding

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