Meeting Turkish culture: attending a wedding

I was on a short hitchhiking trip through Turkey when I got invited for a wedding in Antalya.

The children were dressed just as elegantly as the newlyweds.

Obviously, I was excited to absorb this part of Turkish culture; a culture and country which had already surprised me in the context of its hospitality, since, while hitchhiking, I was often invited over for tea or dinner. The wedding itself was a traditional one. Alcohol wasn’t served, but as with practically every Turkish wedding, the drunks brought their own bottles. I met several funny drunken men. The children were dressed just as elegantly as the newlyweds, and danced between the elderly all night long. All tables were full of food as drinks that were served continuously. At the end of the wedding, money donated by family members were stuck onto the clothing of the bride and groom.

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